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Ethernet LAN EtherNet/IP Scanner

LAN controlled EtherNet/IP Scanner for DIN rail

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At a glance

  • Fully featured EtherNet/IP Scanner for up to 64 EtherNet/IP Adapter
  • Open access via TCP/IP-based access protocol
  • Quick access via DLL with same API as PC fieldbus cards
  • Easy integration in embedded systems via 'C'-based driver source code
  • EtherNet/IP Adapter access via UCMM, Explicit Messaging protocol

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A netHOST RTE is a full-featured and autonomously operating Real-Time Ethernet master allowing industrial PCs and other embedded systems the control of Real-Time Ethernet networks over an ordinary LAN connection.

A simple TCP/IP based transport protocol transfers the services between the controlling unit and the device. For device integration a DLL for Windows and a ‚C‘ source code for embedded solutions is provided. In both cases the call interface (API) is identical to Hilschers PC cards. This makes a netHOST a „remotely controllable PC card forield installations“.

100 bytes process data inputs and outputs are exchangeable over the LAN network in about one millisecond.

Acyclic services to the subordinate Real-Time Ethernet stations are supported as well. A bus configuration software is included in the delivery. Two devices can be used in combination to realize redundant applications. Services are provided to execute a controlled switchover in the event one device fails or a line breaks. In case a device fails the memory card slot allowservice personnel to perform a firmware and configuration recovery on a replacement device in less than a minute.

Technical Details

ProductProduct nameNHST-T100-EN/EIM
Part number1890.820
Brief descriptionEthernet LAN EtherNet/IP Scanner
Communication controllernetXnetX 100
Integrated MemoryRAM8 MB SDRAM
FLASH4 MB serial Flash
Memory cardType and sizeSD card, max. 2 GByte. SDHC- or SDXC-card type must not be used.
Power supplySupply voltage24 V DC ± 6 V
Maximum Current at 24 V (typically)130 mA
Typical power consumption3,2 W
ConnectorMini-COMBICON, 2-pin
Reverse voltage protectionyes
Requirement to the power supplyFor UL conform usage: Device shall be supplied by an isolated voltage source
Communication interface 1Communication standardEthernet
Interface type100BASE-TX or 10BASE-T, isolated
Connector2 * RJ45
Communication interface 2Communication standardEthernet
Interface type100BASE-TX or 10BASE-T, isolated
Connector1 * RJ45
Diagnostic interfaceTypeUSB
ConnectorMini-USB, 5-pin
DisplaysLED displaysSYS System status netHOST
APL Application status netHOST
MS Communication status
NS Communication status
ACT Activity
EnvironmentAmbient temperature range for operation0 … +60 °C
Humidity rangeno condensation permitted
Pollution degreeFor UL-compliant usage: Device must be used in a pollution degree 2 environment
DeviceDimensions (L x W x H)100 x 52 x 70 mm (without connector)
Weightappr. 150 g
Degree of protectionIP 20
Mountingon DIN rail EN 60715
Ethernet Device Configuration Tool
Conformance with EMC directivesCE signYes
EmissionCISPR 11 Class A
ImmunityEN 61131-2:2003

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
NHST-T100-EN/EIM1890.820Ethernet LAN EtherNet/IP Scanner

Devices of the netHOST class serve to control Fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet systems over conventional Ethernet.
They are used in conjunction with compact industrial PCs or embedded systems having Ethernet interfaces only instead of PC card slots.