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Ethernet LAN PROFIBUS DP Master

LAN controlled PROFIBUS Master for DIN rail

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At a glance

  • Fully featured DP/DPV1 Master for up to 125 PROFIBUS Slaves
  • Open access via TCP/IP-based access protocol
  • Quick access via DLL with same API as PC fieldbus cards
  • Easy integration in embedded systems via 'C'-based driver source code
  • Open XML-based configuration possibility
  • Supports class 1 and class 2 Master services

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A netHOST FB is a full-featured and autonomously operating Fieldbus master allowing industrial PCs and other embedded systems the control of Fieldbus networks over an ordinary LAN connection.

A simple TCP/IP based transport protocol transfers the services between the controlling unit and the device. For device integration a DLL for Windows and a ‚C‘ source code for embedded solutions is provided. In both cases the call interface (API) is identical to Hilschers PC cards. This makes a netHOST a „remotely controllable PC card for field installations“.

100 bytes process data inputs and outputs are exchangeable over the LAN network in about one millisecond. Acyclic services to the subordinate Fieldbus stations are supported as well. A bus configuration software is included in the delivery.

Two devices can be used in combination to realize redundant applications. Services are provided to execute a controlled switchover in the event one device fails or a line breaks. In case a device fails the memory card slot allows service personnel to perform a firmware and configuration recovery on a replacement device in less than a minute.

Technical Details

ProductProduct nameNHST-T100-DP
Part number1890.410
Brief descriptionEthernet LAN PROFIBUS DP Master
Communication controllernetXnetX 100
Integrated MemoryRAM8 MB SDRAM
FLASH4 MB serial Flash
Memory cardType and sizeSD card, max. 2 GByte. SDHC- or SDXC-card type must not be used.
Power supplySupply voltage24 V DC ± 6 V
Maximum Current at 24 V (typically)130 mA
Typical power consumption3,2 W
ConnectorMini-COMBICON, 2-pin
Reverse voltage protectionyes
Requirement to the power supplyFor UL conform usage: Device shall be supplied by an isolated voltage source
Communication interface 1Communication standardEthernet
Interface type100BASE-TX or 10BASE-T, isolated
Connector2 * RJ45
Communication interface 2Communication standardPROFIBUS-DP
Interface typeRS-485, optically isolated
ConnectorD-Sub, female, 9-pin
Diagnostic interfaceTypeUSB
ConnectorMini-USB, 5-pin
DisplaysLED displaysSYS System status
APL Application status
COM Communication status
LINK Link, ACT Activity
EnvironmentAmbient temperature range for operation0 … +60 °C
Humidity rangeno condensation permitted
Pollution degreeFor UL-compliant usage: Device must be used in a pollution degree 2 environment
DeviceDimensions (L x W x H)100 x 52 x 70 mm (without connector)
Weightappr. 150 g
Degree of protectionIP 20
Mountingon DIN rail EN 60715
ConfigurationConfiguration softwareSYCON.net
Ethernet Device Configuration Tool
Conformance with EMC directivesCE signYes
EmissionCISPR 11 Class A
ImmunityEN 61131-2:2003
PROFIBUS DP MasterMaximum number of PROFIBUS DP slaves125 (DPV0/DPV1)
Maximum number of all cyclic input data5712 bytes
Maximum number of all cyclic output data5760 bytes
Maximum number of cyclic input data per slave device244 bytes
Maximum number of cyclic output data per slave device244 bytes
Acyclic communicationDP V1 Class 1 Read, Write DPV1 class 2 initiate, read, write, data transport, abort
AlarmsDP V1 Class 1 Alarm
FunctionsConfiguration in Run (CiR) Timestamp (Master functionality) Redundancy (requires host application program support)
Baud rate9,6 kBits/s, 19,2 kBits/s, 31,25 kBits/s, 45,45 kBits/s, 93,75 kBits/s, 187,5 kBits/s, 500 kBits/s, 1, 5 MBits/s, 3 MBits/s, 6 MBits/s, 12 MBit/s Auto baudrate detection is not supported.
Data transport layerPROFIBUS FDL
Reference to firmware/stack versionV2.5

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
NHST-T100-DP/DPM1890.410/DPMEthernet LAN PROFIBUS DP Master

Devices of the netHOST class serve to control Fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet systems over conventional Ethernet.
They are used in conjunction with compact industrial PCs or embedded systems having Ethernet interfaces only instead of PC card slots.