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S7-200/300/400 Ethernet programming adaptor

Monitoring, programming and visualizing S7-PLCs over Ethernet

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At a glance

  • Connects to any free PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI port
  • Cost-effective alternative to original S7 Ethernet CPs
  • Automatic driver integration into any S7 engineering tool
  • Driver for direct integration into STEP7 or TIA-Portal
  • Immediate coupling of S7-compatible HMI devices over Ethernet
  • Effortless access over own applications, e.g. C++,C#

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As directly mountable or firmly attachable DIN rail device, the adaptors netLINK-MPI and netTAP-MPI replace expensive CP communication processors. The adaptors allow the programming, the visualization and the control of S7-200®, S7-300® or S7-400® PLCs via Ethernet.

The provided driver integrates into all well-known SIMATIC S7® engineering tools like STEP7® or TIA portal as a PG/PC programming interface. The device is set up with the engineering tool or conventional web browsers via the integrated web configuration pages.

The adaptors are suitable to program or change S7-PLC control programs and may serve to engineer HMI devices with the visualization software WinCC. By supporting the ”ISO on TCP“ RFC1006 Ethernet protocol, any third party or SIMATIC® visualization station can be coupled to the PLC. Once integrated into the office or plant network and connected to the internet, remote maintenance and logging over a router are also possible since plain TCP/IP protocol access mechanisms are used.

Organized in a network, direct communication between two or several PLCs via Ethernet can be realized. Even a coupling of PLCs without Ethernet port is possible using two adapters in conjunction. Fully integrated PROFIBUS diagnostics and Master Class 2 DPV1 services allow the unrestricted DP Slave device configuration and parameterization in STEP7®.

Power is supplied by a 24 V DC connector. If supported by the S7 PLC, the netLINK-MPI adaptor may be powered via the D-Sub9 connector and its extra feed-through D-Sub9 connector allows the connection of further devices to the same MPI/DP network.

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
NT 50-MPI1758.111S7-200/300/400 Ethernet programming adaptor

netTAP 50 is a protocol converter for simple conversions. It supports conversions from and to one port Real-Time Ethernet, fieldbus and serial automation protocols. The conversion can be either slave to slave or slave to master. As a master, netTAP 50 provides full master functionality to one slave device only.