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Gateway PROFINET IO Controller to DeviceNet Slave

Rugged Gateway for harsh industrial environments

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NB 100-RE-DN-Image

NB 100-RE-DN

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At a glance

  • Integrates a subordinate PROFINET network trunk in DeviceNet
  • Controller to up to 128 PROFINET slaves
  • Shortest I/O data conversion time lower than 10 ms
  • Loadable firmware for flexible use of other conversions
  • With USB diagnostic and configuration port

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netBRICK - the gateway solution for applications in harsh industrial environments - allows shifting classic cabinet installations directly into the field. Whether netBRICK is used outdoor, in humid zones or areas with an increased temperature requirement, fully grouted, equipped with M12-connectors, and compliant with IP67, the rugged-line gateway resists most extreme environmental conditions.

netBRICK is firmware-compatible with the IP20-compliant gateway netTAP 100 and converts the most established Real-Time Ethernet/Ethernet, fieldbus and serial protocols used in the automation industry.

The robust and compact housing for simple screw mounting and the high flexibility of loadable firmware modules make netBRICK a unique and most powerful gateway on the market applicable for any field installation.

netBRICK is configured and diagnosed by the FDT/DTM-based planning, configuration and documentation tool SYCON.net. The USB port embedded in an M16 socket with blind plug serves as service interface. LED indicators allow a rapid visual on-site diagnosis.

The M12 connectors of each netBRICK variant are implemented in accordance with the respective network standards. One connector pair shares one network. It is either physically wired together or separated when operating as a switch enabling the realization of inline installations without T-connectors.

An additional male M12 connector provides the 24 V supply voltage.

Technical Details

ProductProduct nameNB 100-RE-DN
Part number1782.170
Brief descriptionGateway Real-Time Ethernet to DeviceNet
Communication controllernetXnetX 100
Integrated MemoryRAM8 MB SDRAM
FLASH4 MB serial Flash
Power supplySupply voltage24 V DC ± 6 V
Maximum Current at 24 V (typically)130 mA
Typical power consumption3,2 W
ConnectorM12, male connector, A-coded
Communication interface 1Communication standardEthernet
Interface type10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX, isolated
ConnectorM12, female connector, D-coded
Communication interface 2Communication standardDeviceNet
Interface typeISO 11898, optically isolated
ConnectorM12, male and female connector, A-coded
Diagnostic interfaceTypeMini-USB
ConnectorSocket, 5-pin
DisplaysLED displaysSYS System status
APL Application status
COM Communication status
LINK Link, ACT Activity
Permitted ambient conditionsAmbient temperature (operation)-20 ... +70 °C
Pollution degreePollution degree 2
DeviceDimensions (L x W x H)138 x 60 x 38 mm (without connectors)
Weightappr. 330 g
Degree ofprotectionIP67 (DIN EN 60529)
Mountingon a flat metal surface
ConfigurationConfiguration softwareSYCON.net
UL certificationULUL recognized: UL 1604 and UL 508
UL fileUL-File-Nr. E326833
Class/Division/GroupExplosion Hazard: Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D or for non explosive areas
ConformanceCE signyes
ImmunityCISPR 11 class A

Ordering information

Product name Part number Brief description
NB 100-RE-DN1782.170Gateway PROFINET IO Controller to DeviceNet Slave
NXLIC-MASTER8211.000Master license

netBRICK is the gateway solution for applications in harsh industrial environments and allows for classic cabinet installations to be relocated directly to the field. Whether in outdoor, humid or hazardous areas, the IP67-compliant rugged-line gateway resists the most extreme environmental conditions.