• Ethernet
  • EtherNet/IP
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA

netX51 Chip-Carrier with extra memory - EtherNet/IP Adapter;MQTT Client;OPC UA Server

Ready-to-solder netX Design in stamp size

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NRP 51-RE-Image



At a glance

  • Compact Slave interface without transformer
  • IoT-Ready with integrated OPC UA-server & MQTT-client
  • Host connection via Dual-Port Memory or SPI
  • Transparent Ethernet channel for own IT solutions
  • Firmware update via integrated WebServer
  • One hardware for all Real-Time Ethernet systems

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netX Chip-Carrier for Industrial Ethernet and IoT communication


Compact field devices will increasingly be equipped with more intelligence and functionality. Especially for I4.0 and IIoT a continuous, object-oriented data model from field device to the cloud shall be established. For cloud-based applications, e.g. predictive maintenance or condition monitoring, the relevant objects shall be transmitted directly via IoT communication without detours.

To meet these objectives Hilscher has enhanced its netX Chip-Carrier netRAPID 51 with an integrated OPC UA server and MQTT client. The user can transmit data via OPC UA or MQTT on the same physical cable parallel to the Real-Time Ethernet communication - reactionless and bypassing the PLC.

As normal for compact field devices, the exchange of process- as well as IoT-data to the application processor is done via a 50 MHz fast SPI interface. Thanks to a compatible API existing products can easily be extended with OPC UA and MQTT functionality just per software-update. The customer application only needs to be expanded with an additional object interface for the newly added IoT protocols.

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
NRP 51-RE (TRAY)7662.100netX51 Chip-Carrier with extra memory - EtherNet/IP Adapter;MQTT Client;OPC UA Server


Product namePart numberBrief description
NRPEB 51-RE7600.100netRAPID 51 Evaluation Board - Real-Time EthernetNRPEB 51-RE
NXPCA-PCI7902.100netX PCI adapter board
NRPLFW-PNS-IOT7601.853netRAPID 51/52 Loadable Firmware - MQTT Client;OPC UA Server;PROFINET IO DeviceNRPLFW-PNS-IOT
NRPLFW-ECS7601.120netRAPID 51/52 Loadable Firmware - EtherCAT SlaveNRPLFW-ECS
NRPLFW-S3S7601.160netRAPID 51/52 Loadable Firmware - Sercos SlaveNRPLFW-S3S
NRPLFW-EIS-IOT7601.833netRAPID 51/52 Loadable Firmware - EtherNet/IP Adapter;MQTT Client;OPC UA ServerNRPLFW-EIS-IOT
NRPLFW-PLS7601.180netRAPID 51/52 Loadable Firmware - POWERLINK Controlled NodeNRPLFW-PLS
NRPLFW-OMB7601.860netRAPID 51/52 Loadable Firmware - Open Modbus/TCPNRPLFW-OMB