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Exchangeable Module PCI Express - DeviceNet Master

Can be mounted at any point of the delivery chain

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At a glance

  • Universal Master - Slave interface in closed IP40 housing
  • Host connection via PCI Express
  • Master oder Slave on the same hardware
  • Easy slide-in mounting without tools
  • Locks and connects without additional components on the baseboard

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The PCI Express communication module

The universal communication module netJACK with its PCI Express interface addresses in particular the embedded market with high-performance CPUs like Intel Atom®. Alternatively, there are versions with a traditional dual-port memory and a fast serial SPI interface.

All types have the compact design of a closed IP 40 module which can be mounted without using tools. Additional costs for the device will not arise because connector and mounting rails are designed as contact areas and cut-outs on the baseboard.

netJACK can be mounted quickly and easily right before shipment - or even by the end customer.

With netJACK customers can realize the full range of communication solutions, e.g. for drives, HMI or ident systems. At the same time, additional functionalities as PLC, visualization or individual applications are possible. For customer-specific requirements, Hilscher offers a cost-optimized Design and Production Service.

Due to the Hilscher network controller netX, a 10-years delivery guarantee is granted.

Technical Details

NJ 100EN-DNParameterValue
ProductPart number1625.510
Brief descriptionExchangeable Module PCI Express - DeviceNet
Communication controllernetXnetX 100
Integrated MemoryRAM8 MB SDRAM
FLASH4 MB serial Flash EPROM
Power supply and currentSupply voltage+3.3 V ± 5 % DC
Typical/maximum current590 mA
Typical power consumption1,95 W (at 590 mA)
System interfaceBus typePCI-Express, One-Lane-Port
Connector type40 pin connector (SAMTEC FSI-120-03-G-D-AB)
Pin distance/pin width0.45 mm/0.55 mm
Transmission rate1,5 GHz
Communication interfaceCommunication standard (protocol)DeviceNet
Interface typeISO 11898, potential free
ConnectorCOMBICON connector, 5-pin
Diagnostic interfaceTypeUSB
ConnectorSignal at host interface. Available only if integrated in host system
DisplayDisplaySYS System Status, green: RUN, yellow: RDY
MNS Module network status, green: MS, red: NS
EnvironmentAmbient temperature range for operation-20 °C … +65 °C
DeviceDimensions (L x W x H)Length: 60 mm (without connector), width: 53.4 mm (at front panel) / 50.4 mm (body), height : 25.2 mm (at front panel) / 19.2 mm (body)
Weightapprox. 54 g
HousingClosed module
Protection classIP40
Mounting/InstallationVia milled footprint holes in the carrier board and retaining brackets. No mounting accessories required.
Mounting/pulling cyclesmax. 10
ConfigurationConfiguration softwareSYCON.net
UL certificationUL typecURus
UL fileE334100
Conformance with EMC directivesCE Signyes
EmissionEN55011:2009; CISPR 11, class A
Immunityaccording to EN 61131-2:2003
TestsShockEN60068-2-27 Ea
VibrationEN60068-2-6 Fc

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
NJ 100EN-DN/DNM1625.510/DNMExchangeable Module PCI Express - DeviceNet Master


Product namePart numberBrief description
NJEB-E1600.010netJACK Evaluation Board PCI Express CANopen Slave;DeviceNet Master;DeviceNet Slave;EtherCAT Master;EtherCAT Slave;EtherNet/IP Scanner;EtherNet/IP Adapter;Open Modbus/TCP Client;Open Modbus/TCP Server;POWERLINK Controlled Node;PROFIBUS DP Master;PROFIBUS DP Slave;PROFINET IO-Controller;PROFINET IO-Device;Sercos Master;Sercos Slave;VARAN ClientShow product

The netJACK exchangeable module comes in a closed IP 40 housing and is a universal solution for upgrading devices with master or slave functionality. All of the designs have the same mechanics as well as an identical software interface. The exchangeable module can easily be installed by the user at any point of the delivery chain without tools.

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