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netANALYZER rental test kit

Ethernet analysis made easy

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At a glance

  • Test the analysis solution at your office
  • With netANALYZER box NANL-B500G-RE
  • Fully licensed netANALYZER Scope software
  • Ask for your individual offer

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Do you want to get an impress of the performance of our analysis system? With the netANALYZER Rental Test Kit, you have the possibility to rent a complete analysis system, including all licensed features. Thus, you are able to evaluate the system calmly in your use-case. After the end of the rental period, you simply send the system back to us.

The kit includes:

  • netANALYZER Box NANL-B500G-RE incl. power supply unit
  • netANALYZER Scope including all licensed features
  • Ethernet patch cable to connect the analyzer
  • Transport case NANL-B500G-RE CASE
  • Screwdriver for connecting a COMBICON power supply or the GPIOs

Ordering information

Product name Part number Brief description
NANL-RENTAL-TEST-KIT0400.100netANALYZER rental test kit

With the netANALYZER you will have the right Real-Time Ethernet analysis tool for every situation. It assists in examining the network load, jitter and delay times and provides an oscilloscope-like display of process values.