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netANALYZER Scope add-on, custom definable data content

The perfect extension for netANALYZER Scope

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At a glance

  • Free definable data content of any Ethernet protocol
  • Visualized in line recorder
  • Can be used as trigger events

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With this add-on for netANALYZER Scope you capture data values from any Ethernet traffic. This allows you to use the performance of netANALYZER Scope even if the desired Ethernet protocol is not supported by default.

The process values are determined by filters, which can be freely defined by the user, and can then be simply visualized by drag'n'drop for graphical analysis in the chart view or used as trigger signals.

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
LIC/SCP/CVF8582.050netANALYZER Scope add-on, custom definable data content
netANALYZER Scope8582.001Ethernet analysis made easy


Product namePart numberBrief description
NANL-B500G-RE7313.100netANALYZER real time Ethernet analyzer, boxShow product
LIC/SCP8582.001Ethernet analysis made easyShow product
LIC/SCP/PN8582.030netANALYZER Scope add-on, PROFINET process data and eventsShow product
LIC/SCP/QTPN8582.031netANALYZER Scope Add-On, PROFINET quicktesterShow product
LIC/SCP/ECAT8582.040netANALYZER Scope add-on, EtherCAT process dataShow product
LIC/SCP/PCAP8582.070netANALYZER Scope add-on, Import of frame records from other toolsShow product
LIC/NANL/SA8582.060NANL-B500G-RE add-on, autonomous operation without PCShow product




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With the netANALYZER you will have the right Real-Time Ethernet analysis tool for every situation. It assists in examining the network load, jitter and delay times and provides an oscilloscope-like display of process values.