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Process data acquisition without configuration changes in the shop floor

netIOT Passive Fieldbus Integration License



At a glance

  • The passive integration don't need configuration changes of the PLC
  • Engineering Tool for PROFINET and EtherCAT
  • For other Real-Time-Ethernet Protocols, the filters can be created manually
  • The data pre-processing can be managed with Node-RED
  • Process-Data are represented by the integrated OPC UA Server

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Industrie 4.0 - From the Sensor to the Cloud


The netIOT Service products enhance the netIOT Edge-Gateway family in the areas of connectivity, diagnostics and edge computing. Various software products are available, in order to transfer analyzed device- and process data from the shop floor to business applications via standardized interfaces. The comprehensive selection of netIOT products, significantly simplifies the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution and ensures the continuous communication from the sensor to the cloud.

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
NIOT-S-LIC-SNIF1350.030Process data acquisition without configuration changes in the shop floor

The netIOT Passive Fieldbus Connectivity runs through a periodical system test. Usually this will be done with the release of a new software image for netIOT edge gateways. The comprehensive tests will ensure an optimal interaction between all components and results in a fixed assignment between the individual software components.