netTAP 151

Real-Time Ethernet Gateways

The netTAP 151 Real-Time Ethernet gateway transmits and converts data between 2 Real-Time Ethernet networks. With over 25 conversion combinations, it offers a tailor-made solution for every system. The converter transmits its I/O data bi-directionally across system-specific network boundaries, both in systems with heterogeneous networks and in those with similar ones. It has a very low data conversion time of less than 10 ms and, when integrated in the primary network as a standard I/O subscriber, it's compatible with any PLC on the market.

An internal data buffer ensures the secure separation of your primary and secondary networks. 2 Ethernet controllers connected to 2 dual Ethernet sockets with integrated switch enable secure decoupling of the networks. That means netTAP 151 enables you to realize your preferred star, ring or line network topologies without the need for further peripherals. Each conversion can be implemented flexibly by loading the firmware for all variants that is included in the scope of supply. All devices are commissioned and diagnosed by USB independently of the network.



Gateway CC-Link IE Field Slave to PROFINET IO-Device

Data coupling between CC-Link IE Field and PROFINET

NT 151-RE-RE

Gateway Real-Time Ethernet to Real-Time Ethernet

Data transmission between two Real-Time Ethernet networks