Our netLink connectors for direct mounting are very easy to implement and—regardless of their function—a low-cost alternative to comparable standard gateways. Our portfolio currently has two different connector models:
The netLink PROXY (NL 51N-DPL) integrates any PROFIBUS DP slave into a higher-level PROFINET network. Plug it directly into the PROFIBUS DP interface of the DP slave and use the RJ45 socket to connect to the PROFINET network, in which the device then behaves like a PROFINET IO device.

The netLink S7 Ethernet programming connector (NL 50-MPI) allows the programming, visualization and control of SIMATIC S7-200®, S7-300® and S7-400® PLCs via Ethernet, replacing expensive CP communication processors. The adapters are suitable for programming or modifying S7-PLC control programs and for configuring HMI devices using the WinCC visualization software. As a PG programming device, the supplied driver integrates into all known SIMATIC S7 engineering tools such as STEP7 or TIA portal.


PROFINET / PROFIBUS Proxy connector

Upgrading a PROFIBUS Slave to PROFINET


S7-200/300/400 Ethernet programming connector

S7-SPS remote maintenance, programming, and visualization via Ethernet