Slot evaluation module for netPI / netFIELD Connect

Module for the extension slot of the netPI
  • Slot signals are all accessible via pin header

  • For evaluating and checking NPIX circuits developed by the customer

  • Simplifies the development of NPIX plug-in modules by the customer

For maximum connectivity, netPI/Edge Gateway “Connect” devices have a slot at their bottom for the insertion of various extension modules named NPIX (NetPIeXpansion). A containerized Node-RED software example under enables their immediate use when installed. The source code is open, linked, and serves as a programming reference for other programming scenarios/languages. The NPIX board/slot dimensions and connector assignment are publicly accessible to the public and allow developers to create their own NPIX-designs. For more information, follow the link:

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Slot evaluation module for netPI / netFIELD Connect