SmartWire-DT goes PROFINET with Hilscher?'s Real-Time Ethernet gateway

August 2012

August 2012: With the EU5C-SWD-PROFINET Real-Time Ethernet gateway, Hilscher is introducing the first result of the strategic cooperation between the companies Eaton and Hilscher. The gateway allows Eaton's intelligent control panel communication system SmartWire-DT to connect to PROFINET. Support for further Real-Time Ethernet protocols is planned. The gateway is easy to operate. Pushing the configuration button on the front of the gateway starts the automatic configuration procedure on site. The connected SmartWire-DT network will be scanned, the configuration will be saved and the SmartWire-DT devices data mapped into the PROFINET as modular I/O devices. A GSDML configuration file configures the PROFINET controller. Using Eaton?'s free software SWD Assist allows you to plan, dimension and document the SmartWire-DT network offline. In online mode, SmartWire-DT diagnostic data can be requested from the gateway for rapid on-site troubleshooting. Find more detailed product information at in the Gateways/SmartWire-DT product section.