Advantech - iDoor Concept

July 2014

Advantech, a leading provider for global embedded and automation solutions is proud to announce its cooperation with Hilscher and is introducing a wide variety of fieldbus applications to their portfolio of industrial automation product lines.

This agreement will mutually complement our business development in the industrial automation market and will extend the reliable embedded Advantech computing automation platforms with Real-Time Ethernet protocols based on Hilscher´s MiniPCIexpress cards with netX technology.

iDoor Concept

For its automation computing product platform, Advantech recently introduced a new technology called iDoor. TThis is a

new modular way of adding flexible functionality to a wide range of devices.
The iDoor Technology will allow system integrators the flexibility to choose the functionality needed without extra costs for replacement and functions they? will never use. By using standardized components and interfaces, the integrator can leverage current state-of-the art technologies as well as up and coming IPC trends.

For instance, as embedded OS improvements and higher performance storage methods become widely available in industry, the IPC supplier is able to seamlessly integrate them into the product line and make these new technologies quickly accessible and available to their customers.


Modules for iDoor systems include: Fieldbus protocols such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT and POWERLINK; memory expansion and storage with Backup MRAM, Cfast/Compact Flash and SD/mSD; digital and analog I/O such as multi-function, analog IO, digital IO & counter; smart sensors such as Smart Meter, Pressure Sensor, temperature sensor and light sensor; and communication such as GPS, 3G, LTE, Wi-FI, GPS, GPRS, ZigBee, RFID, Bluetooth and LTE. Currently seven modules are available with more coming soon.

The range of iDoor extension modules include communication extensions for PTP (Precision Time Protocol) accordingly the IEEE 1588 standard, WAN/LAN modules supporting WIFI, GPS/GPRS, 3G or ZigBee.

This modular approach, via the integration of Hilscher's Real-Time Ethernet fieldbus technology allows OEMs or system integrators to offer their customers an extensive range of ?best-of-breed? embedded PC technologies in an industrialized format for a wide range of operating systems, physical form factors, display interface technologies based on a proven COTS platform that precisely meets their end customers' requirements, resulting in increased sales and profits.