Your hub for device descriptions

July 2017


Access configuration data for device integration, centrally, anywhere and anytime

With the DI Portal, Hilscher offers a centrally accessible hub for uniform storage and provision of industrial device information and device description files with free access to the stored information. The different fieldbus organisations each have a different set of device descriptions, which are valuable sources of information for IoT applications, but are handled differently between technologies at the moment. The aim is to unravel all the different approaches from the many different sources. Hilscher does this by making all relevant information available on one technology- and vendor-independent single resource.

„By means of device description files, field sensor data is turned into machine and application information. To achieve this, a technology- and vendor-independent Device Information Portal is needed. When it comes down to it, Industry 4.0 will not be possible without it.”  - Hans-Jürgen Hilscher, CEO


Key features of the portal:

  • Since initial release on SPS IPC Drives 2016 a fast growing number of active members
  • Manual use of the portal is free of charge – Automatic access is open to programmers for a fee
  • Easy and powerful full text search for all relevant device information
  • Device vendors use the portal for free and profit from the upcoming monitoring features with anonymized data
  • Besides fieldbus- or RTE-specific device description files, the DI Portal allows device vendors to provide additional information for their products
  • Utilize device information in the application of your choosing through a RESTful Web API



You will also find more information about the netIOT Device Information Portal at