TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Embeddable netX Solutions

June 2016










Hilscher offers a virtuous circle of solutions for integrating communications protocols into a product in a way that can suit all needs.

Hilscher's netX chip is the foundation stone of all Hilscher products. It delivers the ultimate in protocol flexibility simply by loading relevant firmware. 17 industrial network protocols are supported with 33 different master and slave stacks, all having a common driver. It comes with a 10-year support and supply guarantee. netX



Reduced Development:  The costs (and delays) of "do it yourself" can be eliminated using netRAPID, a netX-based chip-carrier containing all operating components. Measuring 32mm x 32mm, it can be soldered to a baseboard either by hand or using SMD. You only need to add a network interface, LEDs and address switches to be up and running. netRAPID



Simple Slaves: netIC is a complete embedded answer for low-data rate devices such as valve manifolds and I/O blocks. It's a ‘single chip module’ in a Dual-In-Line housing and it can support multiple protocols. netIC



Plug and Play: netJACK is a PCI Express universal communications module in an IP40 module fitted directly onto the baseboard. One board design can support all protocols - all you have to do is install the relevant netJACK module prior to shipment. Or, your customer can. It includes PLC and visualization services: netJACK



Plug-in Communications:  the comX module adds a network interface directly to the motherboard of devices such as robot controllers, PLCs and drives. Communication tasks are executed autonomously and data is exchanged via dual-port-memory. comX supports all popular real-time Ethernet protocols in firmware, as master or slave. comX