Raspberry Pi based Gateway now available with 32GB SD-card

November 2020

After 4 years of Raspberry Pi based gateways we are pleased to announce today the release of 3 new additional gateway models having 32GBytes of SD card memory onboard instead of 8GBytes. 


The new 32GB SD cards have 3 benefits: 

  • 4 times more memory than before

  • 5 times higher endurance (HE). 1920 TBW (Terrabytes written) instead of 384 TBW.
    Cards are of type pSLC and no longer of type MLC

  • 10% higher read/write access speed


With the new 32GB SD cards applications storing data periodically at high frequency and large data amount locally on the device (like databases are usually do) are no longer a problem due to the high durability.

There are 3 new gateways ready for your order now:


NamePartPart number
netPI RTE 3, 32GB HENIOT-E-NPI3-51-EN-RE\32HE#1321.502
netPI CORE, 32GB HENIOT-E-NPI3-EN\32HE#1321.511
netFIELD Connect, 32GB HENIOT-E-TPI51-EN-RE\32HE/NFLD#1321.402/NFLD

Note: All the existing certifications and accreditations received for the 8GB models remain valid for the 32GB versions also.