Put your machinery on the web - Browser-based HMIs for any Modbus-networked automation equipment

September 2014

Monitor and control your automation system via any standard web browser with netSCADA Modbus. Use your browser-enabled mobile phone, tablets or computer to access your  machine or process data - at any time and from anywhere.

netSCADA Modbus connects to your PLC over simple Modbus Serial, a protocol millions of devices support today, including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Yokogawa, GE and ABB. With Modbus, you get easy connection to literally any control system.

Simplicity is what netSCADA Modbus represents. No programming skills are required. Just drag & drop predefined controls or display elements on your screen using the intuitive web page builder tool. Tag them with system input or output variables to display values or to assign them value-based dynamic  functions. Use your own graphics and add lines, rectangles, circles to get a custom web page in just minutes.

Do you need an upgrade for a flexible HMI? netSCADA Modbus is your first choice. To see for yourself how easy it is, check out  the netSCADA Modbus Quick Start Guide at www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITIj6erzpgs&list=UU2p3QdVZ_yQVk_2gZ4db46A - external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITIj6erzpgs&list=UU2p3QdVZ_yQVk_2gZ4db46A