One-way lane for process data

November 2017

For predictive maintenance and other big-data applications in the automation world, the acquisition of process values from the shop floor is a key factor. In order to capture data from the production network, Edge Devices are used to bridge the gap between OT and IT. So far, existing systems can only be made capable of IoT with relative great effort by means of new engineering of the PLC, whereby the data for the IoT application is read out and forwarded to the IoT application.


Using Hilscher's netIOT Edge Gateways helps avoiding this effort. netIOT Edge Gateways allow process values to be recorded by passive 'listening' on the automation network and making that data available to the IoT application. The tapping is carried out without any influence to the network, so that existing systems can be made IoT capable within minutes without any further modifications. In addition, passive access to the field data ensures that no disturbances from the IT network can occur in the OT network, be they unintentionally or intentionally caused.

Commissioning of the netIOT Edge Gateway is simple. In a short production pause, the network connection between the PLC and the field devices are briefly disconnected. At this point, the netIOT Edge Gateway is installed using a network TAP. Once the network cables have been plugged in again, production can continue straight away. The netIOT Edge Gateway can now be further parameterized without affecting the running production and the connection to the IoT application can be realized. Process values from the field are available through the netIOT Edge Gateway via OPC UA or Node-RED.