netX 90 – Application, Communication, Security and IIoT on 10 x 10mm

October 2018

Hilscher has been one of the technology leaders in multi-protocol SoCs for years with its netX technology. In focus, the network controller netX 100/500 for master, and netX 51/52 for slave applications. The latter Hilscher has now upgraded significantly.


With the innovative netX 90 Hilscher initiates its new generation of communication. In addition to all common Industrial Ethernet and field bus standards, the SoC additionally supports the IIoT standards OPC UA and MQTT. Compared to its predecessors, the netX 90 comes with a smaller form factor - 10x10 mm - and reduced power loss - ≤ 1W. At the same time, the new technology features an architectural separation of the communication and application tasks in the core of the chip. Hilscher equips both sides with a Cortex-M4 processor with 100 MHz. Also integrated are security functions for secure field and cloud connectivity.



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