IP40 Module for isochronous Real-Time Ethernet protocols

June 2014

The IP40 Module netJACK 51 was designed for devices that require a high-performance and isochronous Real-Time Ethernet slave interface. It impresses with a fast SPI connection to the host processor and, thanks to netX51, it is prepared for the PROFINET V2.3 ?high performance profile?.

The netJACK reduces the integration effort as well as the device manufacturer's part costs, since only a simple serial connection to the host needs to be established. As is the case for the entire netJACK family, there are no hidden costs in the baseboard design, as the connector and mounting rails are designed as signal areas and cut-outs.

I/O data can alternatively be transferred to the host processor via a 50MHz SPI interface or an 8/16-bit parallel bus. Due compatible mechanics, consistent interfaces and the same FDT/DTM configuration tool, the whole range of network systems and IP40 modules can be used.