Industrial IoT Trinity Makes a Big Impact!

April 2016

Hilscher's trinity of Industrial Cloud Communications solutions - dubbed netIOT - has not only raised awareness of IoT and triggered immense interest globally, but also demonstrated that IIoT is within the grasp of almost anyone today. Here's a quick overview of Hilscher's offering:

EMBEDDED: netIC Interface (below), a DIL module for designing-in low-cost IoT connectivity at the sensor level. It's ideal for IO-LINK-enabling low level devices such as sensors. DETAILS


CONNECTIVITY: netIOT Edge (left), cloud gateways for transmitting data between network and cloud. Various options are offered, including an on-premises version. MQTT and OPC UA are utilized for communications. DETAILS

SERVICE: netIOT Service, supporting “added-value” functionality ranging from simple mobile services (such as configuration) to advanced applications for monitoring, statistical analysis and diagnostics. DETAILS