netX Firmware gets EtherNet/IP Protocol Stack Update

September 2021

Hattersheim, 09/20/2021 – The firmware for Hilscher’s netX multiprotocol communication processors has received an update for its EtherNet/IP protocol stack variants. Version V5.3 for the netX 90 as well as V3.7 for the netX 51, 52, 100 and 500 are expanding the features of communication solutions based on Hilscher’s netX technology.

One key feature of the newly released EtherNet/IP loadable firmware (LFW) Version V5.3 for netX 90 is an extended API. It supports all necessary services to enable users to implement CIP Safety applications. Based on the established Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), safety-relevant data can thus be transmitted reliably and fast. Utilizing the new API and the CIP Safety functionalities, which are also available for the netX 51, 52, 100 and 500 with the firmware version V3.7, Hilscher is able to guarantee an even higher degree of functional safety for your products.

In addition, Hilscher is paving the way for future requirements in industrial communication with the introduction of the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) as well as the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). As of May 2022, LLDP and SNMP support is mandatory in order to pass conformance tests. Customers are thus able to prepare for the upcoming ODVA requirements in time and align their products with the Composite Test Version CT19.

The EtherNet/IP protocol stack update contains several additional improvements, such as the support of Null Forward Open, which further optimizes the compatibility of Hilscher technology with Rockwell PLCs. Besides that, a single-port adaption for the netX 90 is available with the new firmware, complementing the existing 2-port switch solution to enable EtherNet/IP on devices with small housing or other space restrictions.

An implementation of CIP Security into Hilscher’s netX technology is already in development and will be available for prototyping and development soon.

Please refer to our Knowledge Base for further information on the new EtherNet/IP firmware update:

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