Remote management of containers on any Linux devices

July 2022

Hattersheim, 07/26/2022 – Hilscher has released the "netFIELD Extension Linux", extending the options for using their netFIELD service package for Linux-based devices.

netFIELD enables users to easily transfer IIoT applications to remote devices as a docker application container. The internet platform can be used centrally to manage the containers for entire device fleets. What is more, the field data aggregated in the devices can be prepared in a way that allows it to be retrieved from anywhere in the world. Hilscher thus provides the ready-to-use technical infrastructure for modern software and data management that today's industry needs, leaving users to focus entirely on the development of their own containerized applications.

With immediate effect, the "netFIELD Extension Linux" installer package enables any Linux-based system to be extended and managed remotely with the help of netFIELD. That gives users greater flexibility in the selection of their target hardware, such as Edge gateways. Until now this service had been open only to Hilscher devices.

The extension gives businesses the option of an IIoT retrofit for their tried-and-tested devices, making them immediately suitable also for distributed and remote-controlled software projects in the Industry 4.0 world. Hilscher-independent third-party devices at any performance level or with enhanced connectivity can also be equipped with the new Linux extension.