Have an eye on process data

July 2015


Regardless of whether we are dealing with individual devices, complex machines or complete systems, process data are the key to a properly running application. Especially in case of components that are becoming more and more complex, with ever more powerful communication protocols, there has to be an easy way to concentrate on what is essential. Having to comb manually through an endless number of telegram recordings often is much too time-consuming and impractical. The netANALYZER Scope automatically interprets the entire telegram traffic and provides a convenient overview of the transmitted process values with clear text and matching data type. Apart from recording process values, cycle times, processing times or network loads may also be identified and presented. Significant events such as alarms or missing process data telegrams are recognized automatically. A particular highlight is that all these data may be presented, grouped and superimposed graphically on a common time basis. This means that relationships and crosseffects from the transmission layer to the application layer may rapidly be identified, problems are localized much easier. There is no need to intervene in a PLC program or device software itself because the passively recorded Ethernet traffic is used as the basis for the analysis. As such, the data can easily be analyzed in any environment irrespective of the manufacture, the diagnosis interfaces or the performance class of the devices used.

The diagram shows the failure of the process data connection (between the red and the green marker) in case of a network overload. The netANALYZER Scope allows for a direct comparison of network overload and process data, the relationship between an increased load and a failure of cyclic process data transmission can be identified at a single glance.

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