Cost-effective S7 web visualization for retrofitting

February 2015

Is it possible to add high-performance visualization to an automation system with Simatic S7 process control within minutes? Yes it is. During a workshop at the 2015 Automation Meeting in Böblingen, Germany, participants will learn how easy and cost effective this is. And they will get the respective starter kit to take home. The basis of this automation solution is called netLINK SCADA, an intelligent bus connector with fully integrated web visualization. During the introductory theoretical part of the workshop, the intelligent connector will be presented, followed by information on atvise, the web visualization solution used in combination with the corresponding design tool atvise Builder. The second part of the workshop demonstrates the practical realization of a web visualization, using a real-life example in combination with a S7 PLC system. The workshop is directed toward users of the SIMATIC S7-300/400 PLC technology who want to upgrade existing systems with a cost-effective solution for web visualization. The complete netSCADA solution including the netLINK connector for Profibus/Mpi enabled S7 PLCs and the tool atvise Builder usually costs 499 €. For participants of the workshop the set is included in the workshop fee of 129 € as a starter kit. Find out more about our workshop and the automation meeting at