Migration netX 5x to netX 90

Do you already use a multi-protocol SoC of the netX 5x series from Hilscher? We explain why an upgrade to our new netX 90 might be of interest to you.


  • Innovative architecture

A highlight of the new netX SoC generation from Hilscher is the internal separation of the communication and the application tasks. We realized that the combination of the communicative and applicative parts in a single chip always led to problems. This is why we decided to give up the single-processor solution used in the netX 5x and to integrate two processors into one chip. From now on, one processor will take care of the communicative tasks and the second processor will be available for the customer’s own application design.


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  • More performance with advanced ARM technology

We also upgraded the netX 90 from a 100 MHz ARM 966 to two separate 100 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 processors. The performance differences of the netX generations are enormous. Just one Cortex-M4 processor has 1.4 times the performance of the ARM 966. Thanks to the new two-processor technology, the netX 90 is about 3 times more powerful than the netX 5x series.


  • Ready for Industrial IoT (IIoT)

The netX 90 has all the features of the netX 5x, but has also been extended with new functions. This means, for example, that in addition to Real-Time Ethernet and fieldbus systems, IIoT protocols such as OPC UA and MQTT are now also supported.


  • Integrated security core

In addition, the netX 90 includes an integrated security core that meets the requirements of IIoT. For secure communication, the netX 90 provides SSL/TLS hardware acceleration for RSA-4096, ECC-512, AES-256, and SHA-512. The ROM code is also adapted to the security, which makes secure boot possible with the netX 90. The security concept has been designed according to the principles of "Security by Design", which was a major and central concern for us.

  • Efficiency by smaller chip architecture

The 90nm technology of the netX 90 allows an architecture with integrated Flash and integrated Ethernet PHYs at a constant temperature environment of -40 °C to + 85 °C. In addition, a power consumption of less than one watt can be achieved.


  • Consistent programming interface

Thanks to the consistent and uniform programming interface, the migration to the netX 90 is as easy as possible. The easy-to-use, fast and hassle-free protocol stack implementation allows you to build a prototype in just a few hours.

For which applications use case the netX 90 is suitable and which IPs and peripherals of the netX 90 are already integrated for your application, please follow the link.


  • All upgrades at a glance


FeaturesnetX 5XnetX 90
Multi-protocol capable
Several processors x
IIoT-ready ( )
Integrated security core x
On-Chip Flash x
Integrated Fast Ethernet PHYs
Power consumption ≤ 1W x
Consistent API
Integrated Host Controllerx
One power supplyx
Dimensions 19 x 19 mm 2 (netX50/51)
15x15 mm 2 (netX52)
10x10 mm 2