For the conceptual design of an embedded system, the selection of a suitable network controller and performance class is as important as the right choice for a pre-certified software protocol stack. Thanks to a scalable and innovative platform concept, the netX family from Hilscher offers the right solution for every application:

  • One Chip:
    For all major Real-Time Ethernet and traditional fieldbus systems
  • One Partner:
    Entire hardware platform and industrial software protocol stacks
  • All Systems:
    Master or slave as companion chip or for stand-alone applications
  • One Platform:
    For embedded visualization, industrial control and system network


Network Controller:

The network controller family is the intelligent solution for implementing all tried-and-tested fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems in the smallest space possible. The diversity and flexibility of this controller enable customers to implement any type of application needed in factory automation, regardless of whether drive controls with high demands on synchronization and very low cycle times, traditional I/O systems for the field or complex controllers with visualization and communication.

Automation Platform:

The upcoming netX 4000 from Hilscher enables more integration in a smaller space in order to fulfill the requirements of the industrial market. The automation platform combines an ARM Cortex? A9 dual-core with an infrastructure for highly advanced user requirements and an ARM Cortex? R7 with underlying netX technology for real-time industrial communications and applications. The netX 4000 from Hilscher is thus the ideal System-on-Chip (SoC) for your automation platform in the field of visualization, industrial control and real-time communication.