Conditions of Participation

1. General conditions

a) With registration and application on Hilscher’s MYPROJECT webpage, no development or purchase contract between Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH hereinafter named Hilscher and the user will be conducted.

b) The registration and application does not constitute any right of fulfilment of a project for both, Hilscher and the user.

c) The recourse to the courts is not permitted.

d) No warranty can be assumed with respect to suitability for a specific purpose.


2. Provided data 

a) With registration and application the user confirms, that he holds the rights to the provided data and that he is entitled to pass them on to Hilscher.

b) Hilscher has the right to use the provided technical data to evaluate the feasibility of the project and to draw conclusions regarding the potential market and applications.

c) Hilscher has the right to use the technical data and his own conclusion in standard products and or projects.

d) The data will only be retained for the duration of the competition. After evaluation Hilscher will delete all provided data records, which are no longer needed.

e) You are informed that the data are transmitted in unencrypted form. The data is stored not encrypted on our server.


3. Selection process

a) Its not a lottery according to § 661 BGB (German Civil code).

b) Hilscher will chose up to 3 projects from all applications at its own discretion.

c) Hilscher is free in his decision and recourse to the courts is not permitted. All decisions are final, judicial review is excluded.

d) Hilscher will only choose one project from each market sector.

e) Hilscher agrees to a certain blocking period, before selling the same solution to the same market sector.

f) The registered user will be contacted by email, in case his project has been chosen.

g) Hilscher is entitled to exclude participants from further participation in the contest, if the participants culpably violate the conditions of participation or unduly affect or disturb the competition.

h) The competition may be terminated at any time, without the participants can therefrom any claims arising.


4. Costs and intellectual property rights

a) If the project requirements do not fit to the Hilscher mainstream and / or standard products, additional costs for the user may occur. 

b) Possible costs will be negotiated and agreed individually in a subsequent meeting and / or contract.

c) Hilscher will not take any cost-causing measures, before an agreement with the user has been made.

d) By submitting the project, the participant confirms that participation in the competition does not violate rights of third parties, in particular no patents or copyrights.

e) The participant grants Hilscher an unlimited right of use in terms of space and scope for the development period.

f) Hilscher exclusively reserves all rights on technology it develops during the project and has the right to reuse such technology in own products or projects.

g) In case the user provides technology he exclusively owns, a usage agreement will be negotiated and agreed on individually in a subsequent meeting and / or contract.


5. Miscellaneous

a) Hilscher privacy policy and Confidentially Declaration will apply.

b) Claims for damages are excluded, except in cases of gross negligence or intent. This also does not apply to damage caused by injury to life, body and / or health.