PC cards for CC-Link IE Field – Your Ticket to Asia

To provide such companies the best possible support, Hilscher expands the range of its cifX PC card family with CC-Link IE Field. Automation companies will be offered a PCI Express card as well as a Low Profile PCI Express card. The CC-Link IE Field cards are Intelligent Device Stations in the network and offer a fixed baud rate of 1Gbit/s. Acyclic communication can be realized via SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol).


The cifX PC cards are a unified standard supporting all Real-Time Ethernet and Fieldbus systems, like CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Field Basic. The protocol stack will be executed on the PC card and exchange of process data with the host is done via Dual-Port-Memory or DMA (Direct Memory Access).


Thanks to the common Hilscher Platform Strategy, all PC cards use the same driver and tools - independent of protocol and card format. Always included in the scope of delivery is a complete software package, consisting of configuration tool, device drivers, examples and documentation.


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