Multiprotocol PC cards for compact systems such as box IPCs or vision systems

With sizes of 22x30mm for the M.2 2230 format and 30x26,8mm for the mini PCIe halfsize format, both cards are designed for integration into small and compact PC-based systems such as Box IPCs, HMI panels or vision systems. Every field device on the market with an M.2 or mini PCIe socket can be quickly and easily equipped with a cifX Real-Time Ethernet or Fieldbus interface.

Based on Hilscher’s own multiprotocol ASIC netX90, both cards are highly energy efficient and have low power consumption. Thus, they are perfectly suited for the use in extended temperature environments up to 70°C on smallest footprint.

Thanks to the netX technology platform, all Real-Time Ethernet and Fieldbus protocols are realized on one multiprotocol hardware. The network protocol can be changed with a simple firmware update – all files are included in the scope of delivery.

It has never been easier to respond to new market demands. With a wide range of device drivers and an identical application interface for all networks and card formats, our customers are always prepared for new market demands and profit from the continuous development of the cifX portfolio regarding the latest hardware- and software-standards.

Maximum functionality and flexibility on smallest footprint – cifX in M.2 and mini PCIe halfsize card formats.

Well prepared for Security & IIoT Connectivity

Due to the integrated crypto core in the netX 90, the M.2 and mini PCIe halfsize cards are well prepared for future security functions such as TLS for CIP security and secure boot mechanisms to protect against malware attacks. Therefore, the new cards are the perfect basis for safe field- and cloud-connectivity. On top, besides cyclic and acyclic Real-Time Ethernet connectivity, both cards will offer the possibility of adding additional communication channels for Ethernet and IIoT data via OPC UA or MQTT.


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