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netX – the most flexible switch architecture for field buses and real-time Ethernet

Programmable multi-processor system

The technology behind netX is based on a highly flexible and programmable multi-processor architecture. This processor network forms the switch, permitting architectures of two ports and more. In field devices, in turn, mostly two-port switches are deployed.

Protocol-specific sets of commands

The sets of commands of the processors developed by Hilscher are specially designed for the tasks of the OSI architecture. MAC processors handle the standard-dependent protocol tasks at Layer 2. The protocol processors handle the protocol-specific part for Layers 3 and 4.

Local data buses and shared registers connect these processors to non-blocking industrial Ethernet switches, which support both classic “store and forward” and “cut through” functionalities.

Classic field buses, however, can likewise be implemented in this way, as well as future standards, such as TSN or EtherCAT-G.

Simple interface to the protocol firmware

For our customers, this architecture can be used very easily via HAL drivers and our firmware. Hilscher has the broadest range of network protocols in Master and Slave configurations on the market in this area.

For netX users, that means

  • Connected anywhere
    Multi-standard Ethernet switch technology for all common standards and field buses
  • Scalable
    2-4-port Master and Slave configurations.
  • Ready for the future
    10/100 Base T today, Gigabit and Single-Pair Ethernet in future.
  • Flexible
    Programmable architecture can easily be adapted to changes in the standard In the installed device, this means no changes to the hardware -- only a firmware update is necessary.
  • Easy to integrate
    The netX system solution already comes with the complete HAL drivers, stacks and firmware.
  • Compatibility
    netX solutions are tested extensively at Hilscher, so that compatible and licensable devices can be had quickly and easily.