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netX 90 starter kit

The quickest way to evaluate netX 90

The package

The starter kit contains everything that is needed for reliable and purposeful development with netX 90 in a single package.

  • Development board – fully executable communication hardware
  • netX Studio – a powerful development platform for configuration, development and debugging
  • A 5-hour support package – our experts are by your side right from the outset
  • 15 netX 90 samples – basic equipment for your own prototypes

The benefits

  • Competent introduction to industrial networking
  • Efficient integration of the netX technology
  • Easy access to development resources
  • Rapid time to product

Experience the netX 90 in your environment with your applications and leverage the performance and most extensive range of features of the smallest multi-protocol SoC with integrated cyber security and additional Cortex-M4 application processor

Start testing the new netX 90 platform in a small, pre-defined package with all the components – without any restrictions – now!