netPI meets 2018's Top 6 IoT Platforms

Six brand new and well documented ready-to-use Docker containers for the Industrial Raspberry netPI deliver you connectivity to IoT platforms from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Alibaba at the IT/OT convergence with ease. Understand, expand and redeploy the containerized SDKs and connect devices to your cloud based enterprise network with guaranteed aha effect in minutes. Be with the IoT era and try out the containers of your choice or all at once.


We have succeeded in connecting the netPI to several IoT Cloud Platforms. Study yourself the six different Cloud offerings and find out which meets your demands the most. Find underneath the links to the containers. Try them out!


For Amazon AWS try

For Google Cloud try

For Microsoft Azure try

For IBM Cloud try

For SAP Cloud try

For Alibaba Aliyun try


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