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CIFX/netX Device Driver for RTX

Support for Windows Real-Time-Extension

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At a glance

  • Standard application interface
  • Based on the CIFX toolkit
  • Not dependent of the Fieldbussystem
  • Number of supported devices limited only by the real-time extension
  • One driver for all fieldbus systems
  • Driver configured using Windows Registry export file or direct registry access

Weitere Informationen


IntervalZero’s RTX® is a real-time extension for the Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista. The CIFX driver for RTX allows access to Hilscher netX based components (CIFX/COMX/netPLC/netJACK 100) with the same functionalities as those used by the CIFX Windows driver. It consists of a dynamic link library (RTDLL) that contains the CIFX toolkit. User programs accessing the driver functions by using LoadLibrary() and GetProcAddress() requests.

Technical Details

Product detailsNXDRV-RTX
Associated productsCIFX / COMX / netPLC / netJACK 100
Operating systemsDepends on the RTX version
Driver typeRTX V8.1, RTX 2009, RTX 2011, RTX 2012, RTX64 (2013), RTX64 2014, RTX64 3.x
Opening and closing the driver  
Initializing the PC cards  
Accessing process data image  
Writing/reading commands  
Writing parameters  
Reading status information  
Watchdog function
Operating modesPolling / Interrupt
Hardware supportISA, PCI / PCIe
Cards per systemAny number
Other characteristicsHardware access restricted to a single RTX® process  
No simultaneous access from real-time and non-real-time environment  
Support for development boards (NXSB-PCA / NX-PCA-PCI)  
Accessing hardware from Windows (non-real-time) possible

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
NXDRV-RTX6211.070CIFX/netX Device Driver for RTX

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