netX Update to focus on drive technology

December 2021

Hattersheim, 12/10/2021 - Hilscher has extended the netX 90’s scope of application by two new firmware releases focusing on motion control functionalities. The release of the Sercos III firmware as well as a new update for EtherCAT Slave align the world’s smallest multiprotocol communication processor with the needs of industrial drive manufacturers. Machine builders and system integrators are thus able to implement their products in a more versatile and flexible manner into industrial communication networks and design their motion controller more efficiently.

Turn Real-Time Ethernet into Physical Motion

With the two software releases, the Hattersheim-based family-owned company is expanding its portfolio encompassing simple and reliable integration of industrial motor control applications into real-time networks. netMOTION, Hilscher’s all-in-one solution for motor control application with built-in communication interface for various different Real-Time Ethernet networks, is also based upon the netX 90 and profits from the Sercos III release and the EtherCAT Slave Update.

This solution is especially attractive for manufacturer of industrial pumps, ventilators and compressors, valve islands, smaller actuators and encoders as well as servo drives equipped with network interfaces. Users can resort to Hilscher’s development board for netMOTION, which also includes a comprehensive software kit, to effortlessly design own applications.

The combination of motion control applications and Real-Time Ethernet communication enables…

…a high efficiency in terms of integrating motor controls and industrial communication networks

…an improved synchronization of motor controls and networks

…low cycle times

…decreased cost of material and a reduced need for external components

…a faster product introduction

Learn more about netMOTION


Utilizing Hilscher’s proven netX chip technology also offers several benefits for you:

  • Reliable technology and long-term availability
  • Flexible: Support for all common industrial communication protocols
  • One-stop soft- and hardware
  • Integrated security functions and cloud uplink
  • Integrated application interface

→Easy networking of industrial applications

Sercos III ReleaseEtherCAT Slave Update: Firmware Version 5.3
Fast bus cycle times down to 250µsecSupports Servo over EtherCAT (SoE)
Max. number of IO data: TX:284 Bytes, RX:276 BytesSupports Automation Device Specification (ADS) over EtherCAT (AoE)
Supports line as well as ring topologiesSupports Vendor specific protocols over EtherCAT (VoE)
Cross communication possibleDiagnostic History API (EtherCAT emergency concept) 
Service channel for acyclical communicationFlexible configurable sockets via Taglist
Sercos III specification Version 1.1.2, V1.3.1 und V1.3.2

AoE and VoE are already available in the EtherCAT stack version V4 for other Hilscher products such as netX 51/52 SoCs, cifX PC cards and comX modules.

Available for the netX 90 SoC as well as the associated cifX PC card in M.2 format, the netRAPID 90 module and all other netX 51/52/100/500-based products

The new firmware can be used with the following devices:

  • cifX M.2 card
  • netRAPID 90
  • Chip: netx 90
Further informations on the Sercos III release for the netX 90 can be found in our Knowledge BaseFurther informations on the EtherCAT Slave update for the netX 90 can be found in our Knowledge Base