netX 90



Smallest multiprotocol SoC with additional Cortex-M4 application processor


Built-in security features for secure field and cloud connectivity


Supports all Industrial Ethernet, Fieldbus and IIoT standards


Energy-efficient SoC with lowest power consumption



With the advent of Industrial IoT, as key technology for cyber-physical systems, Hilscher developed a novel network controller that delivers the breadth of technology for your IIoT application of tomorrow.

The netX 90 is the newest addition to Hilscher’s SoC family that provides a superior solution with an unmatched protocol flexibility for a variety of industrial slave or device applications in the process and factory automation.




Check out your feasible application use case with netX 90 multiprotocol SoC:

1.Build your modern Encoder application with...

  • Smallest footprint and integrated encoder master IPs for BiSS, SSI and EnDat
  • Lowest cycle times for a synchronous encoder device
  • 2x2 parallel sampling ADCs, UART and GPIO for traditional mixed signal encoder interfaces
netX90 for your Encoder

2. Build your Sensor application with...

  • netX 90 featuring an almost unlimited number of possibilities for connecting IOs
  • Valves, remote IO and sensor specific ICs you choose
  • The netX GPIO unit, which is equipped with three independent 10 ns timers, input capture and IRQ unit
netX90 for your Sensor

3. Build your IO-Link application with...

  • Maximum flexibility and high determinism for your IO-Link device
  • All components from one supplier – IO-Link master stack, netX 90 hardware,
    Real-Time Ethernet stack and optional IoT stack
  • Support for up to 8 IO-Link Master channels
netX90 for your IO-Link Device

4. Build your IIoT application with...

  • A secure by design concept by building layers of security as outlined in the IEC 62443
  • Built-in diagnostics to monitor operating conditions for IIoT enabled cloud services e.g. predictive maintenance
  • Strong encryption ensuring fast, secure, and reliable connections using standards such as TLS for HTTPS or IIoT protocols, i.e. MQTT or OPC UA
Secure Cloud

The area of netX 90 use cases are unlimited. Thus, the intelligent chip architecture allows you to create applications for motion, remote I/O, functional safety, controls, or LVDS backplane.



Innovation by internal separation

One of the highlights of the chip’s internal architecture is the logical separation of the communication tasks and the application tasks, both from software quality and security aspects. The partitioning restricts the software access to on-chip peripherals on either side.




For the communication, Hilscher provides a scalable software solution in terms of protocol functionality and flexibility. The inter-CPU data exchange between both systems (iDPM), based on a consistent and uniform API, enables application developers to use the software protocol stack for communication tasks as loadable firmware (LFW), fully tested and pre-certified by Hilscher.The application makes full use of a separate Cortex-M4 at 100 MHz with DSP and FPU support, enhanced by a feature-rich set of on-chip peripherals with connectivity. The standard processor core allows application developers to benefit from the broad ARM ecosystem by choosing any CMSIS complaint operating system.


The increasing complexity of System-on-Chips (SoC), coupled with high software development and maintenance costs, associated with multiprotocol capabilities for real-time industrial communications, turned into market requests that promote solution-oriented concepts. Thus, the netX 90 accelerates this transition by providing a unique value proposition with emphasis on the interplay between hardware and software to improve time to markets.


For the seamless integration, Hilscher provides the toolset and API for the application:



The netX Studio from Hilscher includes all components required to configure, develop, and debug embedded applications. The compartmentalized project manager features a set of utility tools to set up the prebuilt communication firmware in three rather simple steps. 


In conclusion, the netX 90 provides a superior solution with an unmatched flexibility for a variety of industrial slave applications for the process and factory automation.





The netX 90 is available now!


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