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SPE: Enhanced cloud access to sensors and peripherals

Hilscher 02-2021

The digitization of the manufacturing industry is in progress after several years of governmental activities, demonstrating the benefits in proof-of-concepts and moving standards forward. However, the desire of having a seamless sensor-to-cloud communication as it is required for business models such as predictive maintenance and quality or smart robotics still faces some gaps in the network infrastructure. This whitepaper discusses the status and progress of single-pair Ethernet as a new initiative to enable IP based networks to each sensor.

As the name implies, single-pair Ethernet (SPE) reduces the connection between two communication partners to two wires versus the CAT-5 or CAT-6 based cabling in current Industrial Ethernet standards. Hence, it reduces the required space for plugs from a rather large RJ45 to much smaller plugs. This makes it much more attractive for sensor connections to fit to M8 sized connectors. As the two-wire connection requires a different physical layer specification, the IEEE has released specifications for the physical connection (PHY) from 10Mbit up to 10Gbit. They took the lead in standardizing the industrial version of SPE, coming from former initiatives for SPE in the automotive industry for car communication systems. Especially the 10Mbit version of SPE allows cable lengths of up to 1km, which makes it attractive to process automation and some of the hybrid industries to adopt their current sensor network infrastructure towards Ethernet. Currently, first PHY products are expected to hit the market. Therefore, Hilscher expects an adoption in the process industry somewhere in 2021. Discrete industries are expected to follow later towards 2024, as the Ethernet infrastructure and specifically IO-Link solves already numerous challenges in digitization today.

From Hilscher perspective, there is no doubt, that SPE will be adopted and take market share in the longer run. Our netX family of network processors offer an opportunity to adopt to SPE infrastructure and build gateways from existing network infrastructure to SPE in order to enable a migration path easily.

netFIELD: A Solution Portfolio for Simplifying IIoT Deployment

Hilscher North America 08-2020

netFIELD is Hilscher‘s value-driven response to the complex challenges of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployment.

It delivers on the opportunities promised by digitalization and is designed for OEMs, component vendors, machine builders and plant operators as a „Portfolio Tool-kit“ for gathering and using plant data more effectively and productively.

netFIELD is a highly versatile solution having many possible use cases. netFIELD enables vendors to focus on their own domain knowledge, while implementing a ready-made IIoT communication infrastructure that facilitates communications between netFIELD Edge Devices, their containerized applications and the netFIELD Cloud. The netFIELD Edge Devices can be managed locally or remotely via the netFIELD Cloud Platform and Portal. Benefits range from remote support of customer equipment to offering „Manufacturing as a Service“ leasing options alongside direct sales.

This whitepaper shows the essence of the netFIELD Solution.

netPI: Open-Source Ecosystem of Rich Automation Solutions

Hilscher North America 08-2019

Since being launched as an educational device, the Raspberry Pi 3 micro-computer has gained millions of fans and been used in thousands of applications ranging from animated toys and home electronics to robotics.

The original Raspberry Pi was a low cost, credit-card sized “System on Module” with powerful computing facilities. It was intended for home or school use. However, professional engineers have “played” with it and discovered that it can be appropriate for industrial use too.

Although “engineer” versions and “industrial development kits” are now available, these are not designed to operate in tough environments. They lack security features and, in particular, do not have built-in Real-Time Ethernet capability.

Hilscher’s Industrial Raspberry Pi 3 changes all that. Two versions offer a fully rounded open-source ecosystem capable of supporting automation functions ranging from simple I/O control to advanced cloud analytics.

This whitepaper shows the essence of the Industrial Raspberry Pi 3 ecosystem. 

Case Studies


IIoT networking: simple and flexible with netFIELD

Hilscher 10-2022

IIoT networking: simple and flexible with netFIELD

MULTIVAC, the leading manufacturer of integrated packaging solutions develops customer-oriented services, enabling higher machine availability.

Download the application story here.

Integration of pharmaceutical Process Skids into a Distributed Control System

Hilscher 10-2022

Integration of pharmaceutical Process Skids into a Distributed Control System

netTAP 151 provides a flexible and scalable solution for an easy integration of independent processing systems into one industrial communication network.

Download the application story here.

cifX: PC-based Automation with unified Interfaces for all Formats and Protocols

Hilscher 05-2022

cifX: PC-based Automation with unified Interfaces for all Formats and Protocols

müller+krahmer GmbH realizes pneumatic test benches with the capability to change protocols on the fly with the help of Hilscher cifX PC cards.

Download the application story here.

Product Development based on the netX 90

Hilscher 04-2022

Product Development based on the netX 90

The engineering firm kumkeo GmbH is one of the first companies to rely on the netX 90, the world's smallest multi-protocol chip from Hilscher, for the development of innovative products

Download the application story here.

Flexible Integration of Industrial Protocols in IPCs

Hilscher 03-2022

Flexible Integration of Industrial Protocols into IPCs

IPC specialist ADS-TEC Industrial IT uses the netJACK option module as a universal solution to equip its industrial box PCs and HMIs with master and slave functionalities on demand, flexibly and without tools.

Download the application story here.

Multiprotocol Stack Secures Competitive Advantage

Hilscher 10-2021

Multiprotocol Stack Secures Competitive Advantage

The NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group utilizes Hilscher's netX 90, the world's smallest multiprotocol SoC, to integrate their decentralized frequency inverter NORDAC ON into various different industrial communication networks, making adaptions to different protocols easier than ever.

Download the application story here.

On the Hunt for Errors in Real-Time Ethernet Networks

Hilscher 06-2021

On the Hunt for Errors in Real-Time Ethernet Networks

As the leading service specialist for the entire life cycle of factories and plants, Leadec plans, installs and maintains factories worldwide, providing properly functioning production lines all around the globe. In order to face upcoming challenges, Leadec is utilizing Hilscher’s netMIRROR, a simple, reliable and efficient solution to implement a fully passive and permanent test access point (TAP) into industrial Real-Time Ethernet networks.

Download the application story here.

Multiprotocol connectivity for Optical Inspection Systems

Hilscher 12-2020

Multiprotocol connectivity for Optical Inspection Systems

Vitronic, a provider of first-class machine vision systems, has succesfully implemented Hilscher’s cifX PC-Card in M.2 format. This allows their automated weld seam inspection system VIRO WSI to connect with numerous Real-Time Ethernet and fieldbus networks.

Download here the application story.



Hilscher: Always the right solution

Hilscher 07-2021

Hilscher - Always the right solution

Image Brochure for Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH to get more information about the company, our products and our partnerships.

netFIELD: Enabling Open Industry 4.0

Hilscher 03-2021

netFIELD as a unified platform for data integration and app management

With netFIELD we offer a broad solutions portfolio for IoT environments. It includes scalable gateway hardware (netFIELD Edge), a secure operating system (netFIELD OS), preconfigured apps for the Edge (netFIELD Apps), an open REST API standard for connecting netFIELD-based applications and services (netFIELD Cloud) and a user-friendly self-service portal (netFIELD Portal). 

Based on end-to-end managed services, netFIELD enables centrally provided workloads to be processed at the edge in a scaled manner and sets the course for smart edge computing with this hybrid cloud and edge model.

netX 90 & netRAPID 90: Perfect partners for compact multiprotocol devices

Hilscher 11-2019

It's all you need - netX 90 & netRAPID 90: perfect partners for compact multiprotocol devices!

With its flexible und innovative technology, netX 90 and netRAPID 90 are the perfect platform for compact multiprotocol devices and can be used in nearly any field device, whether encoder, sensor, motor control or I/O block.

This brochure shows the benefits and use cases of the multiprotocol SoC netX 90 and the Chip-Carrier netRAPID 90.

Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

Open Industry 4.0 Alliance 11-2019

Open to accelerate business as one

Image Brochure for the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance.