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About us

Competence in Communication
High-calibre technological communication solutions

Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH with headquarters in Hattersheim am Main (Rhein-Main area) is a medium-sized, family-run business operating globally with offices in Europe, Asia and the US.

Our core capability lies in technology, development and production of industrial communication solutions for industrial automation. Hilscher’s products range from PC cards, gateways to OEM plug-in modules right through to high-performance SoCs with associated protocol stacks. These are used globally for communication between automation devices and control units. Hilscher leads the market in PC cards in this area. Hilscher’s unique selling feature is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for fieldbuses and Real-Time Ethernet.

We have forged a worldwide reputation for ourselves as a technological leader for all major automation companies. And it doesn’t stop there... We offer unique solutions for IoT communication from the sensor up to the cloud with our new Industry 4.0 product range.

At the level of technology, one thing above all defines Hilscher and that is its wealth of ideas and its expertise gained over decades. We know how to work with the latest communication technology and to transfer this to new product development and go to the market with innovative solutions.

What we stand for

Managing a business means taking responsibility. Responsibility for people, for resources, for the region – in short: responsibility for the future.

The management at Hilscher does this duty justice. We are securing the jobs of tomorrow with intelligent growth, considerable equity and significant investment in research and development.

We act according to the following principles:

  • Preserving corporate autonomy
  • Optimally meeting customer needs
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Environmentally conscience, energy-efficient products and processes
  • Sustainably securing jobs
  • Family-friendly, flexible working conditions
  • Zero tolerance of corruption and discrimination
  • Intelligent growth
  • Significant net worth
  • Willingness to change and efficiency
  • Dynamic and open corporate environment

Our values

Focusing on people

Respect in our dealings with one another is as important to us as team spirit and the feeling of solidarity. Working at Hilscher also means having the courage to change, combined with the willingness to proactively play a part.

Based on these values we build:

  • An interest in people and respect in our dealings with one another
  • Well-defined social responsibility
  • Belief in the business location
  • Pioneering spirit: a shaper rather than a manager
  • Openness and unconventionality
  • Reliability and fairness
  • Willingness to change and to learn
  • Enthusiasm and fighting spirit
  • Well-developed sense of unity and team spirit

We are unique

Personal. Dynamic. Reliable.

We foster a well-defined, lively and personal style of working together, across all hierarchies.

Anyone who joins our organisation will quickly get the feeling of being part of a large ‘corporate family’. Our target-driven thinking is reflected in our solutions that often set new trends in the markets in which we operate.

Innovation and tradition are not opposites at Hilscher but the roots of our growth's foundation. This is ensured by a local entrepreneur (now in the second generation) and the entire international workforce of the Hilscher family group.

That makes us unique:

  • Everything from a single source – from design, to development right through to production
  • Quick and short decision-making channels
  • Local entrepreneur
  • Family ethos and internal cohesion
  • Well-thought out strategic thinking
  • Customer focus and flexibility
  • Creativity and maximum speed
  • Process-oriented methodology
  • Market leadership extending over decades
  • Ecological, economic and social sustainability
  • Cross-department co-operation

Apprenticeship at Hilscher

Lay the foundation for a future successful career for yourself with an apprenticeship at Hilscher.

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Studying at Hilscher

Put your theoretic knowledge into practice and gain initial experience of professional life before you have even completed your degree.

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Working at Hilscher

We offer new opportunities and prospects, as can be found in an internationally successful family business.

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