Industry 4.0 Starts at the Field Unit Sensor

November 2016

Hilscher netIC IOT

To supply device manufacturers a I4.0 solution for embedded systems, Hilscher has enhanced its DIL-32 communication IC, which now features central IoT functions. The resulting IoT-capable netIC is based on the netX52 multi-protocol chip and offers the device manufacturer maximum flexibility with an easy handling.

Apart from real-time Ethernet communication, the netIC IOT also contains an integrated OPC UA server and an MQTT client. Data from the field unit can be accessed while bypassing the PLC via the TCP/IP channel of the real-time Ethernet protocol (e.g. PROFINET or EtherNet/IP). This can either be done using any OPC UA client in the Ethernet network or the data are sent with a push mechanism on a MQTT Broker.

The heart of the netIC IOT is the netPROXY technology, which implements a protocol-independent object interface between the application and communication. The abstraction layer hides the complexity of the various network protocols, allowing a cyclical or a-cyclical data exchange using simple services.

Moreover, the data are consolidated into objects in a unified semantic and can be filled with information that surpasses pure I/O data, such as diagnostic, analysis and access data of the device.