Hilscher supports CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Field Basic

With the two newly added Industrial Ethernet protocols CC-Link IE Field for Gigabit Ethernet and CC-Link IE Field Basic for Fast Ethernet, Hilscher expands the range of its cifX PC card family as well as of its comX and netIC embedded module family.


CC-Link IE Field is based on Gigabit Ethernet and thus enables a high-speed and high-capacity network connectivity for field devices. Means it allows a fast exchange of large data volumes, which is important especially in the context of I4.0 as field devices increasingly transfer analytical and diagnostic data in addition to the cyclic I/O data on the same cable.

On the bottom line it can help increasing data throughput and performance on the field level.

Furthermore CC-Link IE Field allows an easy and seamless networking. Means on the one hand a flexible network topology, like ring, line or star, and on the other hand access to field devices across the entire network hierarchy for monitoring or configuration purpose.


In comparison to the Gigabit version CC-Link IE Field Basic is made for Fast Ethernet

As the major share of the Industrial Ethernet market uses 100Mbit, CC-Link IE Field Basic is the perfect way to support CC-link IE technology even in Fast Ethernet environments and to allow an interoperability with higher level Gigabit based CC-Link IE Field networks.

CC-Link is the leading fieldbus technology in the Asian region. Therefore CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Field Basic are the perfect enabling technologies and a must-have for device manufacturers who want to be successful in Asia and want to expand their business.

To provide such automation companies best possible support, Hilscher offers a PCI Express as well as a Low Profile PCI Express card for Gigabit based CC-Link IE Field. The cards are Intelligent Device Stations in the network with a fixed baud rate of 1Gbit/s. Acyclic communication can be realized via Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP).


Available types for CC-Link IE Field




The 100Mbit basic version of CC-Link IE is just a new Real-Time Ethernet firmware for existing netX technology. Means any netX based Real-Time Ethernet interface from Hilscher can be equipped with CC-Link IE Field Basic Slave functionality and the complete range of products is supported. This goes from PC interface cards, via built-in communication modules and multiprotocol chips up to customer-specific designs.


Available types for CC-Link IE Field

netX SoC

PC cards

Embedded Modules


Thanks to the common Platform Strategy, all Hilscher products offer the same application interface to the host application, independent of the used protocol and the product type chosen. This allows device manufacturers doing a single and efficient design supporting multiple communication protocols in one device.

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