CANopen and DeviceNet in M.2 format

Hilscher releases CANopen and DeviceNet technology for cifX M.2 PC-card

The protocol range surrounding the world’s smallest multiprotocol PC-card for industrial communication is broadening. CANopen as well as DeviceNet are complementing the comprehensive portfolio of the cifX M.2 2230 cards, which only recently have received an update for the traditional PROFIBUS-DP Slave.

Thanks to Hilscher's cifX platform strategy, users can swiftly react to altering market requirements for their machines utilizing Hilscher’s PC-cards. For instance, the cifX PC-card can remain completely untouched if a production line needs to be realigned and the communication protocol in use has to adapted. Solely the physical interface, the AIFX module, is matched to the customer’s needs.


The application running within the customer’s machines or devices can be completely maintained. The required firmware and configuration tools to reprogram the desired protocol stack are included in the scope of delivery.

Customers can choose from the folowing protocols for their cifX M.2 PC-card:

  • DeviceNet Slave
  • CANopen Slave
  • Open Modbus/TCP
  • PROFINET IO-Device
  • EtherNet/IP Adapter
  • EtherCAT Slave

Customers are profiting from a maximum flexibility and the simplicity of the integration of their products into traditional fieldbus systems and modern Real-Time-Ethernet networks.



The protocol and software offering for the cifX portfolio is growing consistently. Most recently two new stacks for the CANopen as well as for the DeviceNet protocols running on Hilscher’s netX 90 SoC, which is used in the cifX M.2 2230 PC-cards, were published. Additionally, stacks and firmware receive regular updates in order to provide the best and most reliable software for Hilscher customers.

The utilization of ready-to-use device drivers for Windows, Linux, INtime, RTX, QNX and a C-Toolkit, which can be used for the development of individualized drivers, enables users to integrate industrial communication quickly and easily into their machines.

Rely on proven technology from Hilscher, your expert with 35 years of experience in industrial communication and factoy automation. The company’s solutions have been used in countless devices and machines around the globe.

If you have any questions during the commissioning of our cifX PC-cards or to our portfolio in general, please feel free to contact our Hilscher Service Team. Contact us to learn more about CANopen and DeviceNet in the modern M.2 format.