How “Industrial Cloud Communications” Delivers the Benefits of Internet-Connected Manufacturing - Part 2

Part 2 (Part 1)

Existing Strategic Initiatives

Various “communities” around the world are looking at how Industrial IoT can enhance the manufacturing industries. Here is an overview:

  • Industry 4.0: The Platform Industry 4.0 project is centred on German-speaking countries. Industry 4.0 has at its heart the concept of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), whereby automation systems are based partly on the plant floor and partly in the cloud. It requires new thinking being thrashed out behind the scenes now. It is a technical approach and we can expect exciting developments as the ideas are fully explored.
  • The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC): IIC is a North American initiative to define how Industrial IoT can be implemented. This is taking a more conceptual top-down approach. It avoids defining standards, and bases its conclusions/recommendations on established ways of working. It recently completed a working document and has established test beds for better assessing how things can work. Cyber Physical Systems are encompassed by IIC too.
  • Asian Interests: China and Japan have both established national initiatives to address IoT. China has “Made in China 2025” its national strategy. Japan’s is named the “Industrial Value Initiative,” or IVI, aimed at re-building that country’s manufacturing base. Big company interests may take precedence in that country however. The recent announcement of collaboration between the German-based PI organization (representing PROFINET and PROFIBUS) and the CC Link Partners Association (CCLP) suggests that the Japanese and European strategies may converge.

Hilscher is engaged in all of these initiatives, working alongside industry leaders towards common goals.