Hilscher shows OPC UA Pub/Sub over TSN Demonstrator @ sps 2019

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) is intended to enable continuous communication without barriers in the machine and plant engineering of the future. Among the communication protocols, industry experts see OPC UA over TSN as the technology for Industry 4.0 and IIoT.


Hilscher already implemented 100 Mbit/s Time-Sensitive-Networking standards on its latest multiprotocol SoC netX 90 and as an active member in all relevant testbeds, Hilscher makes sure that device manufacturers are ready for all upcoming communication tasks.

At the sps 2019 Hilscher shows the key standards for TSN, such as Enhancements for scheduled traffic (Formerly IEEE 802.1Qbv), Frame Preemption (Formerly IEEE 802.1Qbu), and Timing and synchronization for time-sensitive applications (IEEE 802.1AS), in combination with OPC UA Pub/Sub. 

In a network scenario, multiple OPC UA-capable devices, like netRAPID 90 or netX90, act simultaneously as Publisher and Subscriber. The demonstrator proofs the constant transmit time between Publisher and Subscriber, the accuracy of the time triggered injection of frames at the publisher as well as OPC UA communication. In addition, the influences and benefits of each TSN feature can be evaluated.