Hilscher accompanies your Step Into Industry 4.0 - A retrospective of the Hannover Messe 2019


At this year's Hannover Messe, Hilscher presented the broad portfolio for the entry as well as for the success in the Industrie 4.0. Split into Shopfloor Connectivity, netFIELD and netIOT, the different stations in the implementation of a successful Industrie 4.0 strategy were shown.

In the case that you could not participate, we offer you an insight into our stand:


Furthermore, the announcement of the Open Industry 4.0 (OI 4.0) Alliance marks a significant milestone for Hilscher.

In the open ecosystem for the digital transformation of industrial production facilities, the primary concern is to ensure consistent digitization and to provide the right and above all competent contact person from the network at every step. netFIELD is Hilscher's technological contribution to the OI 4.0 Alliance.

For more information, please visit the Open Industry 4.0 website.


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At this point we would also like to congratulate our Managing Director Hans-Jürgen Hilscher, who has been appointed Head of the Technical Working Group Open Industry 4.0 Alliance.


Technology Platform for OI 4.0 and Industry 4.0

The technology platform netFIELD was fully presented at the Hanover Fair; consisting of IP 67 IO-Link master modules (optionally also as Edge Gateway and with IO-Link Wireless) in interaction with the Hilscher Edge Portal. In the software-oriented hall 7, selected advantages of the Edge Portal were highlighted:


Closed Beta

  • As a result of the Hannover Messe, we were able to give six more customers access to the Edge Portal in closed beta mode. Are you also interested? Write to us at contact(at)netFIELD.io.


Application Container Management

  • Via a service in the Edge Portal, "containerized" applications can be loaded onto all supported Edge Gateways in the network. For example, devices with readily available modules or own containerized applications can be distributed in the production plant via the cloud-based portal.


Gateway Management

  • Adding or removing equipment is easy with integrated gateway management. This allows status data and other metadata of the gateways in the network to be displayed via a dashboard.


Network Topology

  • netFIELD Edge Gateways read information from the network and make it available to the Edge Portal to identify topologies.


netFIELD iOS App shown in connection with the hardware

  • Using a sophisticated procedure, the Bluetooth connection is activated via an LED and light pulses in the IO-Link Master devices. After linking the app, various status data can be read, device description files can be loaded directly via the Hilscher Device Information Portal and the online help can be viewed. An Android app is already under development and will be released in mid-2019. The iOS App can be found here.


Shop floor connectivity

Under the term "Shopfloor Connectivity" Hilscher collected all products that lay the foundation for Industry 4.0. The focus here was on products that have the powerful netX technology in their stomach and are optimally equipped for IIoT applications thanks to the OPC UA and MQTT protocols. The recently released netX 90, PC cards and modules in different form factors and network analysis tools were shown. Especially noteworthy are the newly released M.2 & miniPCIe halfsize multiprotocol PC cards and the netX chipcarrier netRAPID 90, which is preloaded with firmware and pre-tested for prospective customers in batch size 1.





netIOT Edge Gateways

Under netIOT Hilscher showed the netIOT Edge Gateway portfolio with a native implementation of IBM Informix. Using a live demo of the IBM IoT / Industry 4.0 Timeseries Data Analytics



Also new variants of the netPI were shown, which will soon be equipped with 4G, promoting new application possibilities.


Our partners

Also a special thanks to our partners, who supplemented our fair presence with different application cases to a round experience. Our partner SVA showed an application case with condition monitoring and predictive maintenance with the netIOT Starterkit in combination with Microsoft Azure IoT.



Coretigo and Hilscher combine their technologies, wireless IO-Link masters on fieldbus slave gateways, and offer the end customer complete solutions. The processed data was visualized in a dashboard using a distance meter and a luminaire that sends its data wirelessly to the netFIELD Edge Gateway.



SAP showed a use case to continuously optimize plants, individual components and processes to monitor, to maintain with foresight and to improve continuously.



At the PI booth, TSN and Security were vividly presented using live demos to demonstrate their functionality and benefits.



To test the interoperability of Edge solutions, such as our Edge Portal, we were able to establish the Edge Configuration testbed together with Labs Network Industrie 4.0 at the trade fair. The first meeting with more than 20 invited organizations will take place on May 17th in Augsburg. Further information about the testbed can be obtained directly from LNI 4.0

"LNI 4.0 auf der Hannover Messe 2018"