Studying at Hilscher

Put your theoretic knowledge into practice and gain initial experience of professional life before you have even completed your degree.

Who are we?

Hilscher is a technology provider within the industrial communication technology sector. As communications are being developed all the time, we are always on the look-out for students who want to develop new technologies or add new features to existing products.

You will not be on your own at our company but will work as part of a team of experienced engineers who will support you in your tasks. We currently employ a total of 15 students in various departments. In addition, we work very closely with the Rhein-Main University, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, enabling us always to tailor the work of our students at Hilscher to meet the current course requirements.  

Fields of study

Are you currently studying for a degree in one of the following fields of study? Then, you are in exactly the right place at our company.

  • Electronics
    • Automation technology
    • Communication and information technology
    • Microelectronics
    • Robotics
    • Embedded systems
  • Information technology
    • Data science
    • IT security
  • Mechatronics

Your prospects with us

As we pass on considerable knowledge to our students while they are still studying for their degrees, provide them with an in-depth insight into our technologies, and generally invest considerable time in their development, we place a great deal of importance on offering our students a secure job once they have completed their studies.

This is also confirmed by the number of students who are offered a job.

Study at Hilscher

Practical content

We offer interesting assignments in a variety of disciplines.

Hardware design

Our products are created in our in-house hardware development department. Our employees create the design and put together the circuit board layout. Prototypes are produced, thoroughly tested and then handed over to series production in co-operation with our in-house production.

Topics: circuit design, board layout, test hardware development, power supply, high frequency circuitry and memory interface

Embedded systems

Sensors, actuators, controls and IPCs can be equipped with Hilscher’s own network controllers with embedded ARM Cortex with the help of Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus protocols. We are working on new functions for communication, monitoring, diagnostics and on applications, such as controls or regulation. This means that considerable development is carried out on the platform itself and combined with a great many working fields.

Topics: Industrial Ethernet: TSN, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP | fieldbuses: PROFIBUS, CANopen | Industrial IOT: OPC UA, MQTT | IO-Link | converters | FreeRTOS

Programming languages: C/C++, Python

OS / Drivers / Tools

Tools must be developed for programming and suitable drivers developed for operating systems to enable our hardware to be used. This also includes developing operating systems with real-time capability. Hilscher also develops opportunities for network diagnostics and monitoring. This results in diversity while also offering significant challenges.

Topics: eclipse derivative "netX Studio", driver development, build tool development, use of different Linux distributions and cross compiling

Programming languages: C/C++, C#/.NET, JavaScript, HTML

Web Front- and Backend

Alongside communication interfaces, our devices also offer web-based graphic user interfaces. These enable diagnostics data of the industrial communication infrastructure to be monitored. Therefore, the backend as well as the frontend have to be programmed, to enable network data to be prepared and supplied to the user.

Topics: web, front and backend development, databases, links to the cloud, app development, edge computing and container development.

Programming languages: C/C++, C#/.NET, JavaScript + HTML, TypeScript, Python

Your opportunities for entry

Combined work and study in electronics and information technology: bachelor’s or master’s degree in KoSE

On the KoSE programme, you will combine your degree at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences with an internship at our company. You will put any topics you have learnt from electronics, networking and control technology into practice while you are with our company.

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Combined work and study programme in information technology: bachelor’s degree in KoSI

On the KoSI programme, you will combine your degree at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences with an internship at our company. You will put the topics you have learnt from business communications information technology into practice while you are with our company.

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Combined work and study model in information technology and IT security: bachelor’s degree in KITS

On the KITS programme, you will combine your degree at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences with an internship at our company. While you are with our company, you will put all aspects you have learnt about secure IT applications into practice.

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Dissertations and Bachelor and Master theses

Write your thesis in a business setting and with the support of our experienced colleagues.

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Put your knowledge into practice from the second semester and gain initial professional experience alongside your degree.

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Job experience

You have the opportunity to run through all forms of job experience at our company: pre-study job experience, compulsory job experience

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Your personal contact

for content-related matters

Mr Immanuel Blöcher
Group Leader Innovation Technology & Student Advisor
Phone: +49 (0) 6190 – 9907-0
for organisational matters

Ms Jasmin Boller
Human Resources
Phone: +49 (0) 6190 – 9907-0