About us

Manufacturer and service provider for communication solutions and automation.

Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH was founded in 1986. Today, the company has more than 340 employees at 10 locations worldwide. With the philosophy of continuous growth based on its own resources, the company is a reliable partner for its customers. All processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001.


The core competence of Hilscher is SoC technology for fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet, as well as the development and production of industrial communication solutions for modern factory automation. Hilscher's products range from PC cards, gateways, OEM plug-in modules to powerful SoCs including all main fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet protocol stacks. These are used worldwide for communication between automation devices and control systems. When it comes to PC cards, Hilscher is the market leader in this field. Hilscher's unique selling point is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for fieldbuses and Real-Time Ethernet, based on the same hardware.

Hilscher offers netX technology for device manufacturers, including development services and customized module manufacturing. In this field, Hilscher is not only recognized as a system partner of major manufacturers. The company's customer base also includes a variety of engineering firms, solution providers and system integrators. In addition, Hilscher is represented in all fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet organizations.

The following entities are associated with Hilscher:

CompanyHead officeFoundingActivitiesRemarks
Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbHHattersheim (Frankfurt) / Germany1986Development production sales supportHead office
Hilscher North AmericaChicago / USA1999Development sales support
Hilscher ItalyVimodrone (Milan) / Italy2001Sales support  
Hilscher SwissSolothurn / Switzerland2003Development sales support  
Hilscher FranceBron (Lyon) / France2003Development sales support  
Hilscher SoC TechnologyBerlin / Germany2005DevelopmentSoC Design
Hilscher JapanTokyo / Japan2005Sales support  
Hilscher ChinaShanghai / China2006Sales support 
Hilscher Development and Test CenterVarna / Bulgaria2007DevelopmentTesting, DTM and firmware development
Hilscher IndiaDehli / India2008Sales support  
Hilscher Korea Inc.Pangyo (Seongnam) / South Korea2009Sales support  
Hilscher AustriaLinz / Austria2021Sales
We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Company philosophy

Identifying technology trends in industrial communication early, implementing them at the right time and offering our customers innovative technology, products and services with a high level of quality at fair prices is the foundation of our business. For this reason, we develop and produce everything throughout the value chain, from SoC to the device and the accompanying software, with our own employees, ensuring a high degree of expertise and the best possible support.
We practice open and honest communication in our organization and with our customers. We are committed, view our responsibilities as a personal challenge and we don’t settle for average. Our goal is to have employees who are proud of their achievements and long-term, cooperative customer relationships.
We practice a sustainable business policy, which secures our autonomy as an independent family business.

We are committed to

  • fulfilling the relevant requirements and compulsory obligations appropriately for our context in regard to quality and environmental aspects
  • continuously improving our integrated management system (quality and environment), from the development stage to the finished product or service
  • protecting and preventing damage to the environment, using resources responsibly and continuously improving our environmental performance
  • regarding customer satisfaction as a significant aspect of our quality-orientated activities in the sense of customer orientation.

In order to achieve the above-listed long-term aims, our employees work with an integrated management system. This is realized and evaluated on the basis of concrete objectives, implementation of action plans and regular controlling.

We have been 9001-certified since 2000. In the course of our successful certification in accordance with 14001 in 2011, our quality and environment management was combined in an integrated management system (IMS).

Hattersheim, January 2018