netX 90 Starterkit

The fastest way to evaluate netX 90

netX 90 is the smallest multiprotocol SoC with additional Cortex-M4 application processor and built-in security features for secure field and cloud connectivity. The energy-efficient SoC with lowest power consumption supports all Industrial Ethernet, Fieldbus and IIoT standards.

With netX 90, Hilscher offers a unique SoC technology in the industrial automation market for Multi-Protocol communication. New technologies always require a certain familiarization period and evaluation is often a time-consuming task, but a necessity in order to assess the effects they have on own developments and devices.

One of the steps in making the netX technology more approachable is to provide the netX 90 Starterkit – the easiest entry to netX 90 development, in which Hilscher fully supports you along the way.


The Starterkit package offers the following components:

  • 15 samples of netX 90

  • One software development board NXHX 90-JTAG

  • Support quota of 5 hours of professional netX Support

For the 15 netX 90 samples, a simplified delivery contract needs to be signed. These functional samples can be used to assemble your first prototype boards where netX 90 acts like a companion chip with additional host CPU or as a single chip solution with integrated Cortex-M4 application processor (for more information, watch this video).

Furthermore, the netX 90 Starterkit includes a NXHX 90-JTAG, the netX 90 software development board for rapid configuration of designs, prototyping and commissioning of your first application running on netX 90 based hardware.

With the netX 90 Starterkit Bundle, Hilscher provides you with all components needed to quick start your netX 90 project. On software side, Hilscher provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), called netX Studio, free of charge. This powerful development platform has all the components required to configure, develop and debug embedded applications. It works out of the box with Hilscher‘s NXJTAG-USB adapter and NXHX 90-JTAG board.

Start immediately evaluating the new netX 90 platform in a small pre-defined package with all components included – no strings attached!