CoffeeBOT Democase at sps 2019


Through this democase, the highest power and security features of the Databoom cloud platform, the agility and precision in compact spaces of Universal Robots' cobots, and the high degree of flexibility and interconnection of Hilscher Edge Gateways are shown: IT/cloud and automation worlds are in continuous communication with each other.

The ordering data are securely synchronized with the production plant through MES logic and edge computing features. In this way it is possible to handle your specific custom production order in a direct way while you’re at home or in the office. When you place the order, you receive a coded ID and a QR identifier that can be used to monitor the production efficiency of the plant, the KPI and the progress of the production. At the same time, the operators as well the management level of the company can use the advantages of different access privileges to supervise different details of the production process. Of course this data can be accessed in the cloud and/or on local dashboards, according to the desired requirements. Also the storage can be on cloud/server and/or local in the edge gateway and easily synchronized in case on hybrid solutions.

In the real world the connectivity between customer and production, through the MES, could allow different scenarios where, for example, the production is started as soon as possible or planned and started according to specific needs or handled through cryptographic security mechanisms, for instance such as a blockchain payment.

In the specific case of the COffeeBOT demo, in order to avoid that your coffees cool down, we chose the way of an own authentication: reading the QR code, sent from the Databoom cloud after your registration, the system will perform a search in the local DB inside the Hilscher Edge Gateway. So the panel will show your selected preference and asking for the final definitive confirmation before start the preparation.

At this point the Universal Robots COBOT will autonomously start the procedure in the maximum safety conditions, also showing advanced robotics functions such as strength control and extreme agility in movements in tight spaces. During the production it will be possible to observe a lot of operating parameters that the robot is able to display using several industrial protocols: force, torque, temperatures, currents, cycle time and many others will be represented on dedicated dashboards and of course differentiated according to access privileges.

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Visit us at the sps 2019 and come to Hall 5 - Booth 130 to enjoy the coffee you ordered with your specific preferences: espresso, long (american), normal, without caffeine (DEC).

You will discover how easy it can be to prepare a robotic production system according to Industry 4.0 if you have the right partners!

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