Industrial Internet

From Multi Protocol Chip to Multi Cloud Communication

4.0 Industry and Industrial Internet mean for us the fourth industrial revolution, which requires a continuous communication from the sensor to the cloud. We call this Industrial Cloud Communication and netIOT is our technology for implementation.
Industrial Cloud Communication means that on the existing communication infrastructure Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet informations in parallel and non-reactive to the Real-Time Ethernet data are transmitted and then collected on the netIOT Edge Gateway, compressed and passed to a higher-level cloud.

With the Hilscher netPROXY technology, the manufacturer defines its device data and passes it to the netIOT Interface.
Here, they are mapped to different systems Real-Time Ethernet and transmitted to the controller.
Parallel to this communication,  web server, OPC UA or MQTT from the Edge Gateway provide  access to the data transmitted to the cloud
device data.

Even today, the netIOT Edge Gateway supports the cloud platform IBM Bluemix.
SAP HANA and Microsoft Azure are already on the Hilscher Roadmap.


  • net IOT as a solution for IoT communication with OPC UA and MQTT from the sensor to the cloud
  • Based on existing infrastructure, the migration to 4.0 Industry and Industrial Internet is possible
  • netIOT enables a uniform access to the devices at the field level for configuration and diagnostics.


Hilscher Communication Solutions:

netIOT Interface -Get Data from the "Last Mile"

netIOT Edge - Bridging the Gap between Automation Network and Cloud

netIOT Service - The Interface to Value Creation in the Cloud.

Hilscher provides design-in service for designing your device with communication inside.